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Radical Personal Finance podcast Joshua Sheats

I listen to the podcast regularly and while I used to really enjoy it, it seems to have taken a different direction lately. Topics are getting less and less relevant. I can’t even think of a recent episode that had much to do with the tag line of the show, related to building a plan for financial… Expert financial planning show and so much more. The driving factor throughout the shows is how to plan a rich life. His expertise in financial products is olympic level, but more importantly his understanding that maximizing value and stability has more to do with spiritual growth and faith and…

radical personal finance podcast

I wish a larger perspective could come through. The knowledge Josh has could probably help build more resilient humans as we face things like a pandemic, and sometimes I think he does. But often the focus seems very narrow. I second the get vaccinated comment because vaccines are safe, good, and…

Joshua’s Advice: How to Begin Your Home Education Journey

I listen to the episodes that have nothing to do with my aspirations or interests because I know that Joshua’s unique perspective will always teach me something, whether I agree or not. In a world of juicy headlines, sound bytes, and tweets, Joshua takes us to an intentionally reflective,… He’s very opinionated without always backing it up, and it sometimes comes to bite him when talking to guests on the show.

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Latest Radical Personal Finance episodes

This podcast is the only one that we’re aware of which uses a domain of for its RSS feed. Domains are always visible to anyone who can see your internet traffic – your internet service provider, employer or even your government – even when you use HTTPS connections. If your podcast app uses the RSS feed directly, you can be tracked as a listener to this podcast every time your phone checks for a new episode. Out of the box thinking and appreciate the open forum to discuss any topic on your mind.

I’m definitely happier and financially healthier since listening. Yesterday I was watching the solar eclipse (up north in the 100% band) and I happened to have breakfast with an expediter. Basically, a truck driver who drives a van. (More in the audio show.) As we ate, I tried to lay out a few paths on how he could become financially free based on his current work. And, I promised him a show on the topic. So, you get to listen in as I tell him–and you–how any normal person can use a live-on-the-job opportunity as a trampoline to bounce them into the upper tiers of financial abundance.

I have no doubt that the thrust of the story is accurate, but the specifics I cited were flat wrong and untrustworthy. P.p.s., My guest in today’s show referenced the AR15 as stemming from a military firearm first. The AR15 was developed for the civilian marketplace first, then the military bought the plans for it and started producing it for their soldiers. Thanks Joshua for the clarity of thought and solid financial advice. I also appreciate the creative approach to living a successful life in various circumstances – from surviving a catastrophe, levelling up your career, or being homeless and enjoying freedom living on the road.

Radical Personal Finance by Joshua Sheats

My family and I have been away from the United States for 3.5 years now, setting up our Plan B. That’s given me enough time to have a more balanced perspective on life in the USA. 🎉 Join 20,000+ podcast lovers and never miss a great podcast. Join 20,000+ podcast lovers and never miss a great podcast. A weekly roundup of the most important stories from the worlds of business and finance, hosted by Felix Salmon. A startup called Vantage Point thinks virtual reality can make training much better.

Audio is streamed directly from Joshua Sheats servers. Downloads goes directly to publisher. Improve the presence of your podcasts, e.g., self-servicepodcaster interview… I also understand that his political and religious beliefs, which are sometimes polar opposite of mine, factor into his decisions and explanations. Happily he is very purposely transparent with his beliefs and he lets his listeners know when something is based on tested best practices or when he’s making decisions on moral convictions. I appreciate his honesty and integrity in this.

Friday Q&A: Deductible Car Expenses, Vacation Homes, Cash on Hand, Gold Coins Fraud, Etc.

Our daily newsletter has the latest news for podcasters and podcasting, including jobs and events. See hourly chart positions and more than 30 days of history. As a woman who’s worked at the same salaried job for 20 years, I’m far from Joshua Sheats’ target audience and yet…I very much enjoy his perspective. He is the definition of a free-thinker. He challenges dogma in a unique and invigorating way.

Today, I’d like to interrupt the personal finance content with a show on podcasting. After recording over 500 episodes of Radical Personal Finance, I feel like I have some valuable lessons to share with other podcasters and with my listeners who are considering starting a podcast. Enjoy, Joshua Visit and use “RPF30” to save $30 off your meal delivery. A friend referred me to this podcast several months ago and I have been seriously hooked. As a young professional, the content has helped me deepen my thinking on career and life planning, but most of all, Joshua’s expertise in technical financial planning has helped me cut through the confusing…

His way of speaking comes off as pretentious with the over annunciation of Ts. I don’t know or care about his political… OwlTail x open hub review only owns the podcast episode rankings. Copyright of underlying podcast content is owned by the publisher, not OwlTail.

Communication is key in entrepreneurship — here’s the story of my own struggles with communication so you can learn from my mistakes. I too hope he’s able to get the podcast up and running again soon. Radical Personal Finance – Part Two In part two of the podcast, the Mad Fientist explores some very powerful tax-avoidance strategies for early retirees. Since then, however, Joshua has been forced to take down his podcast and since he’s not sure when he’ll be able to put it back up again, he has agreed to let me publish our interview here (thanks!). In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I’ve been considering how you and I could be affected in days to come. Here’s a rather sobering discussion from me covering some of the possibilities.

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